Bayern Munich Reaveals Arturo Vidal’s Price

The German Bundesliga Bavarian giant, Bayern Munich, has revealed and set the price of their Chilean international box to box midfielder, Arturo Vidal, who is expected to leave the Bavarian club in the coming few days during the summer transfer windows.

According to several sources such as the Spanish outlet, Sport, revealed that Bayern Munich has set a high price for their 31 years old midfielder in order to sell him during this summer transfer windows where they are asking for a 30 million Euros fee in order to let Artur Vidal leave the club.

Bayern Munich are reported ready to let Arturo Vidal leave the club if they receive an offer over 30million Euros where several Premier League and Serie A clubs are interested to sign the 31 years old midfielder such as Chelsea FC and Manchester United where both clubs are suffering from midfield issues and are keen to sign a new world class midfielder.

On the other hand, Manchester United and Chelsea FC will be facing from fierce competition from other clubs such as Atletico Madrid from the Spanish La Liga, AC Milan, and Inter Milan from the Italian Serie A where Antonio Conte is expected to get appointed as an AC Milan manager and he will take advantage of his good relationship with Arturo Vidal since Juventus times in order to convince him to sign for AC Milan, which makes his move to the Premier League not very easy.


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