BREAKING: World Class Player Tells His Club He May Move To Premier League. Welcome?

A bold transfer news has been confirmed recently from several sources after a world class attacking midfielder has confirmed that he wants to leave his current club in order to sign with a Premier League giant.

The American midfielder, Christian Pulisic, has confirmed that he doesn’t want to renew his contract with the German Bundesliga giant, Borussia Dortmund, and he wants to listen to offers in order to move to a bigger club during this summer transfer windows.

According to the German newspapers, the Bild, Christian Pulisic has refused to renew his contract with Borussia Dortmund, which expires at the end of 2019/2020 season, where Borussia Dortmund may be forced to sell him during this summer transfer windows in order not to lose him on a free transfer, or on a cheap price.

According to reports, Christian Pulisic sees his future outside of Borussia Dortmund where the German club is keen to keep the American talented midfielder and renewing his contract.

Christian Pulisic may consider moving to the Premier League where several clubs are interested in signing the 20 years old midfielder such as Chelsea FC and Manchester United, who are looking to sign a world class right winger.

Moreover, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspurs are linked with a potential move for the young American midfielder according to several reports where he suits their playing style which is an attacking football.

On the other hand, other European giants will make it harder for Christian Pulisic to move to the Premier League such as Bayern Munich who are trying to convince him to sign for them as a replacement for Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben


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