BREAKING+Video: Medicals Passed, Announcement Within Hours For A Box To Box Midfielder Target

The latest breaking news from several sources confirms that a world-class midfielder has already passed his medical examinations ahead of completing and announcing a deal.

The latest news such as form Al Aire Libre and other sources confirm that a world-class midfielder has left his former club as videotaped by some fans and journalist and is on his way to the airport to travel for his new club.

According to Sky Sports, Al Aire Libre, and other sources, they confirm that the Bavarian giant, Bayern Munich, has finally accepted an offer for his 31 years old midfielder, Arturo Vidal.

The Chilean midfielder, Arturo Vidal, was expected to leave for the Premier League in order to sign for the Blues Chelsea FC or Manchester United where both clubs showed great interest in the Chilean midfielder.

On the other hand, the latest news confirms that the player has passed the medical examinations at FC Barcelona and he will be signing in the coming few hours.

However, no official news by any club is released yet, and the chances of Arturo Vidal coming to the Premier League and signing for Chelsea or Manchester United are still there, even though not so high, until further official announcement for Bayern Munich.


here is the video of Arturo Vidal leaving Bayern Munich’s training suddenly and not answering the questions about his potential transfer


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