PICTURE: Zidane Is Red!

The news and rumors about the French manager, Zinedine Zidane, arrival at the Old Trafford to replace Jose Mourinho at managing Manchester United are increase where there are some pictures recently that may hint about the arrival of Zinedine Zidane to Manchester United.

Manchester United aren’t going through a good time under the Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho, where a lot of sources suggest that Jose Mourinho may be from the very first managers to get sacked in the Premier League this season.

Manchester United fans aren’t satisfied or happy with the way Jose Mourinho is managing the team and the boring and over defensive playing style which many fans and football pundits and former Manchester United players and legends are criticizing where a new manager seems close.

Zinedine Zidane, former Real Madrid’s manager who retired earlier this season from managing Real Madrid, seems the main candidate to replace Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

Moreover, many people are getting excited because of Adidas new promotion of Zinedine Zidane where the French manager’s new promotion with Paul Pogba shows Zidane with Red on his face, where some fans on the social media suggest that this could be a new hint that he is close to being Manchester United’s manager.

Here is the picture of Zidane with red on his face.

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