PLAYERS RATINGS: Man United 2-3 Brighton.

An awful performance by the Red Devils, Manchester United, where they lost 3-2 to Brighton in the Premier League where the Red Devils have conceded the three goals in the first half as one of the worst first halfs in Manchester United history, and the worst since three years after Manchester United lost 3-0 to Arsenal and conceded the three goals in the first half.

Manchester United had a terrible defensive game, were Eric Bailey was poor and awarded Brighton a penalty at the end of the first half and Victor Lindelof was poor and was at fault for the first goal.

The team in general, all the 11 players, were dreadful in the first half. They improved a bit int he second half, but still, they couldn’t impress or make the difference, even with the two early changes.

Here are our player ratings and the man of the match for today’s match

De Gea: Couldn’t do much for the conceded goals, was close to saving the penalty, but didn’t for the 7th time. 6/10

Lindelof: Was at fault for the first goal for the bad marking and a very poor match. 5/10

Bailey: A poor match, inaccurate passes, and was at fault for the second goal, and caused a penalty for the third goal. 4.5/10

Young: Was dreadful today, a poor match as well. 5/10

Shaw:  Made an assist for the first goal, but had a very average match. 5.5/10

Pereira: Didn’t do anything today, was subbed off in the second half. 5.5/10

Pogba: The most balls lost in the team, 27, and a very poor match. However, scored a penalty. Not his day at all. 6/10

Fred: Another dreadful player. Was subbed in the second half. 5/10

Mata: Didn’t offer anything in the first half. Was subbed off in the second half. 5/10

Martial: Every time he plays he can’t prove himself, had a very poor match. 5/10

Lukaku: Lost a dangerous chance on the 10th minute, and scored a goal. Not a good match in general. 6/10


Lingard: Gave the team some pace and life, but couldn’t crack into Brighton’s defense. 5/10

Rashford: His final touch was poor, couldn’t do the difference. 5/10

Fellaini: Couldn’t do much in the offense, but won a penalty in the injury time. 5/10

Man of the match: None of Manchester United players.

Jose Mourinho (Manager): His worst first half in Manchester United, and maybe his Premier League career. An awful match as if he’s asking to get sacked. 5/10

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