Premier League Transfer Windows Is Still OPEN Until 31 August Under This One Condition

The Premier League summer transfer windows have witnessed few surprises recently where many clubs have announced several deals on the deadline day. However, the summer transfer window isn’t closed as many fans think, but it’s still open until the end of August under one condition.

Several Premier League clubs have had a disappointing summer transfer windows in term of signing new players such as Tottenham Hotspurs who didn’t sign any player and Manchester United who have signed just one senior player during this summer transfer windows.

The Premier League summer transfer windows have closed yesterday, the 9th of August at 5 PM BST time, but it is still open until the end of this month under one condition, which is if the club wants to sell a player to another league that their summer transfer windows are still open.

This applies to most of the European leagues, and especially the big four leagues where most of them their transfer windows closes by the 31st of August 2018, which means any Premier League club can still sell any player to the other European or none European leagues.

This brings up the question of several stars who may be leaving their clubs during this summer transfer windows where Paul Pogba from Manchester United is close to joining the La Liga club, FC Barcelona, and Eden Hazard from Chelsea FC is close to joining Real Madrid.

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